About Me

MEET SUSAN: The Photographer


 I didn’t set out to be a photographer…

It just kind of happened. I am a wife, a proud mother, a breast cancer     survivor, and a skilled photographer. I love life, French dark chocolate, a    great love story, and the magic of Christmas. I am energetic, humorous,  expressive, and artistic.  My creative style combined with my “dare to be  different” approach and my ability to document life as you know it has  made  me a favorite among those who are looking for uniqueness.

My cancer journey taught me the value of life and to cherish every  moment.  I l learned that we are historians of our own lives.  I believe it’s  our duty and honor to document these fleeting moments as they are given  to us, not strictly for our own pleasure, but that we have tangible  memories to pass on to children, friends, and to those who cherish us.

I want my images to tug at your heart, to bring tears to your eyes, and to show you how beautiful and wonderful family is.  I want to create a timeless image that captures that fleeting moment – important and worthy of making history. Together we document life.

I look forward to capturing your moments in time!

Have a blessed day!